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Who We Are

Our history can be traced back to 1984 and the formation of a partnership with a multinational electrical manufacturing company. Over the decades since we’ve worked with clients across North America to implement numerous different technologies with the goal of increasing businesses operational efficiencies. As technologies advanced lighting was clearly established as the most effective method to increase efficiency and Pacific was launched to specifically focus on helping our clients capitalize on these savings.

  • Specializing in turn-key lighting solutions for over 10 years
  • Guaranteed maximum completion price & incentive funding
  • Operate across North America

What We Do

Project management and installation of new energy technology is at our core.
We have delivered projects for all kinds of facilities and clients.


Detailed audit and report
of current lighting system

  • In-depth analysis of your current lighting, optimal upgrades, potential savings, rebate funding, on a zone-by-zone basis

Secure available
incentive funding

  • Guaranteed rebate funding
  • Rebate funds are secured for the project regardless of which contractor you engage


  • To ensure you are confident in our pricing we will create a project tender document that makes
    it easy to obtain competitive quotes

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